Garden maintenance

Garden And Landscape maintenance services, Sydney

Divine Landscapes provide all of your garden maintenance in Sydney and the surrounding areas. We are garden designers in Sydney so we know exactly what you need and can provide you with the expert help to keep your garden and outside spaces looking clean and tidy. We are more than happy to take over your garden chores, leaving you to enjoy life with your family and friends.

We Landscapers and garden designers in Sydney provide garden maintenance and landscape maintenance in Sydney for both residential and commercial properties.

  • tree lopping services  Sydney/St George/Liverpool/Sutherland Shire/Inner West

    Tree lopping, St George

    If your trees are too large and overhang your neighbour’s property, if they are starting to rot or are filling up your gutters with leaves - we can come in and remove the offending branches and make your large unwieldy trees much more manageable on your property.
  • stump grinding Sydney/St George/Liverpool/Sutherland Shire/Inner West

    Stump grinding, Liverpool

    Old stumps dotted all over your landscape don’t look very inviting, but we see this so often, particularly in large properties. Even small residential blocks have the odd unsightly stump which needs grinding - so that it sits below the surface and is no longer a hazard.
  • stump removal Sydney/St George/Liverpool/Sutherland Shire/Inner West

    Stump removal, Sutherland Shire

    Some stumps are so large that you just want them removed, including the root ball. Stump removal is more difficult than grinding because of the massive size of some tree roots and the distance they travel. You can be left with a very large hole in your backyard – so call us for a chat.
  • hedge clipping Sydney/St George/Liverpool/Sutherland Shire/Inner West

    Hedge clipping, Inner West

    There is nothing more inviting than a well clipped hedge, it makes any property look high class and well maintained. Clipping hedges however, is not only a laborious task, but it also requires great skill in keeping the edges straight and level.
  • laying turf Sydney/St George/Liverpool/Sutherland Shire/Inner West

    Laying Turf, Sydney

    Laying turf can be done by just about anyone, but a professional job that looks perfect needs the experts, particularly if the area is large or sloping.
  • replanting Sydney/St George/Liverpool/Sutherland Shire/Inner West

    Replanting, Liverpool

    If your garden or commercial property needs replanting, then you need a design that will compliment your property, is low maintenance and looks really good.
  • garden edging Sydney/St George/Liverpool/Sutherland Shire/Inner West

    Garden edging, St George

    This is one of the most labour intensive jobs in the garden, even more so if you have an extensive outdoor area. Garden edging is the icing on the cake and if it is ignored can make your external spaces look unkempt and untidy.
  • mowing services Sydney/St George/Liverpool/Sutherland Shire/Inner West

    Mowing services, Sydney

    Not many people like mowing, particularly if they have a large outside turfed area. So let us come in and do all the work for you.

Landscape and garden maintenance services – St George – Liverpool – Sutherland Shire – Inner West - Sydney

Divine Landscape offer skilled landscape and garden maintenance in Sydney. For landscape garden design ideas and landscaping solutions in Sydney, call us on 0450 031 442 for a FREE quote, email Divine landscapes on [email protected] or complete our online enquiry form. We are happy to chat with you about garden maintenance in Sydney.